The Moonlight & Love Unplugged Concert

30 everlasting love songs presented live by 4 artistes.

月光下爱的音乐会…那些年, 我们的歌


  • Venue: Zone 4
  • Time: 8pm – 11pm

On Valentine’s Day, we’re reminded that love is one thing that connects every loving heart around the world. The Moonlight & Love Concert offers couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in a romantic outdoor setting and under the Moonlight. The garden will be transformed into a musical hall with amphitheatre seating. For others, they can share the sentiment and soak in the atmosphere of camaraderie.

In honor of this day for lovers, we will compile a list of more than 30 evergreen love songs and the music will be presented by well-known artistes and musicians. We will set 2 units of LED screens on each side of the stage. One screen will show the lyrics of the songs so that the audience can sing along. The other screen will display the love messages posted by the audience.

In between of the performances, we will give 3 timeslots to the audience who plan to propose to his/her companion on stage in this special occasion. The said participants will have to send their proposals and register with us before the event. We will pick 5 who propose the best arrangement.

Event Photo