• Venue: Zone 1 & 4
  • Time: 5pm – 8pm – Form submission

With a song, you can say it all. In fact, just a single song can help you let a person know just how much you care about him/her. This is what makes the songs on love so popular. Not only does a good love song come with a great tune, but also a whole lot of reminiscence.

The participants are requested to fill the Forms, select the song, write the messages and submit the Form to CreatiVision’s Counter before 8pm on 14.2.14 at the event venue. The performing artistes will hand pick 2-3 Forms (in random) and read out the messages before they start singing each song. The lucky participants will receive special gifts from the Organizer.

Prizes will be presented to the lucky participants who are present at the event venue only.

Song List

  1. 爱很简单
  2. 认错
  3. 今天你要嫁给我
  4. 我愿意
  5. 爱我别走
  6. 你快乐吗我很快乐
  7. 你知道我在等你吗?
  8. 爱爱爱
  9. 至少还有你
  10. 胆小鬼
  11. 心动
  12. 月圆花好
  13. 但愿人长久
  14. Close to you
  15. Fly me to the moon
  16. 夜夜夜夜
  17. Loving You
  18. 听说爱情回来过
  19. I will always love you
  20. 阿美阿美
  21. 写一首歌
  22. LOVE
  23. 最重要的决定
  24. 最浪漫的事
  25. 勇气
  26. 祝福
  27. 爱你
  28. Saving all my love for you
  29. L.O.V.E.
  30. 爱如潮水