Date : 14th to 16th April. 2015
Venue : INTI International University
Partner : The Mass Comm Club, INTI IU.

  • Writing Thank You Notes to the people they respect in the campus
  • Dropping off presents into a transparent gift box and addressing it to deserving recipients
  • Say Thank You video and photography Competition. All works have to be posted on SayThankYou Facebook Page

Thank You – one of the underused words of today.

Have you ever wanted to say thank you, but didn’t? We tend to take things and people in life for granted. We ignore someone who holds the door open for us, bus/taxi driver who drives us from place to place, waiter/waitress who serves us food, maid who prepares our breakfast, and etc.

ROLF: Yellow Ribbon The Gratitude Campaign is initiated with an objective to remind all of us to express our heartfelt thanks to others in our life.

  • Say Thank You because we are not entitled to anyone’s kindness and generosity.
  • Say Thank You because no one owes us anything.
  • Say Thank You because someone is there for us when we need help.
  • Say Thank You when someone is kind to us.

We should set a good example and teach our children good manners anytime and whenever we have a chance. The key to teaching politeness is to start small, start early and be consistent. Our children will grow up to be kinder and more considerate of others.

Certainly we should teach our children to say Thank You in any situation that is appropriate, but to start, showing appreciation for a gift is probably the easiest way. Therefore, we launched The ROLF Yellow Ribbon The Gratitude Campaign last year. ROLF provides a platform where the underprivileged children practice saying Thank You to the donors for granting their wishes and donors to thank the children for giving them a chance to serve.

Saying Thank You is a very simple thing with the potential to improve our lives & well-being. ROLF Yellow Ribbon The Gratitude Campaign reminds us how fortunate we are in so many ways and let us be very grateful & thankful for this.

Let us put our hands together to promote this campaign.

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