Venue: Beach Street, Penang
Time: 8am to 11pm
Date: 30th September, 2012 (The 15th day of the 8th month in Chinese lunar calendar)

On the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month 2012, a sea of lights coursed through Penang’s financial district and heritage zones as local residents and tourists took part in a grand lantern parade to mark the Mid-Autumn. On the main stage, the crowd were entertained by a series of Chinese Wushu performances, Moon Prayers chronicling a classic Chinese tale, along with the Creative Mooncake Competition. Nearby, at the Chinese Art and Craft Pavilions, visitors were amazed by the ingenious creations of The Most Creative Lantern and Mooncake Contests. Music reverberated throughout the event site spanning the whole Beach Street as Buskers played music to raise funds for charity, while the Chinese Orchestra strummed a soothing repertoire of traditional melodies. The event wrapped out with a mass Zumba Party Under the Moon Light Street Party, where dance enthusiasts and the party grooved to a host of tunes into the night, among them the global sensation Gangnam style. Newspapers reported that the event attracted approximately 60,000 visitors.

Main activities of the day:

  1. The Most Creative Mooncake Competition
  2. The Most Creative Lantern Competition
  3. The Lantern Parade
  4. The Street Carnival
  5. Games, Contests and Lucky Draws.
  6. Event Photos