Location: Stage 3
Time: 7pm – 8pm

Cheongsam is a kind of very traditional symbol of Chinese culture. It represents the classical characteristics of Chinese women. We normally wear it to show our respect to the formal occasions like The Mid Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, wedding functions and etc.

The very talented Penang-born fashion designers Brandon Tan and Aden Yong will be invited to showcase their breath-taking Cheong Sam collection in the Mid Autumn FestoRama 2013. A 40 foot long runway will be set on the street and the models will be hired to show the unique and colourful design costumes of the Chinese culture. 200 seats will be reserved for the VIP guests . For the VIP zone, admission is by invitation only.


Brandon Tan

Designer of Liberation, Bran et Daguet (Penang)
brandon-tanA name fast gaining traction in the world of fashion in South East Asia, Brandon Tan is an exceptional designer who gives character to all his designs. A tease to fashionistas, his collections offer eloquently designed and stunningly presented couture and ready-to-wear pieces for discerning clientele. His eye for detail and design can be seen in his line – chic, stylish and elegant.

Brandon knew what he was getting into when he began his personal journey in the world of fashion – the always revolving and competitive realm. When he started pursuing his passion, struggles and words of discouragement came to befriend him. Despite these, he had always succeeded – only to be more motivated each day to pursue his dreams. When his boutique Bran et Daguet came to be, the values he had learnt along the way – courage, perseverance and optimism – are attributed into his designs. He doesn’t blindly sketch a design because he can; he sketches them as a translation of what he has experienced. This is what makes his clothing line unlike others.

While introducing a line of timeless clothing with a blend of fashion where East meets West may make Brandon a one-of-a-kind designer, it is his fashion shows that make him an open book to the world. His most recent show “To Be or Not To Be”, not only played on the recognisable name, but challenged the audience to reconsider their viewpoints on beauty. More often than not, a fashion show centers around visuals – you see a line of clothes on models walking on runways, you like or dislike it and you go home and talk about whether you like or dislike it. But, Brandon brings you on a journey of thought. It is not merely a fashion show, but a journey of retrospection where you reassess your ideas beyond the social construct of beauty. And the reason to this is simple. He isn’t your face-value-designer. There is a lot more to Brandon and his designs than meets the eye.

With his line of timeless high-fashion, Brandon has helped shape Penang to be the Upper East Side of Malaysia with a tinge of the East. As you lay your eyes on any of his creations, you can be certain of international appeal. Women who wear Bran et Daguet are not only strong, but clearly courageous, confident and independent. His couture is perfect for every occasion – be it afternoon or evening. The combination of intricate fabrics with simple but clever cutting means that his outfits inspire envy at every glance.

Brandon’s commitment to making the best for you extends beyond the borders. He travels extensively in search of the perfect fabric – to create for you the most endearing couture possible. Brandon seeks innovative materials, textures and patterns – feeding his inspiration with amazing new ideas from every piece. He is clearly a designer who is not afraid of colour and texture, which adds to the dramatic and edgy collections produced. Never afraid to showcase edgy designs and put new ideas out there, Brandon’s designs have been modelled by some of Malaysia’s best-in-the-business.

A Penangite at heart, Brandon has been in love with fashion from his formative years. Taking up sewing and learning the foundation of his craft as an apprentice, Brandon has worked tirelessly to realise his dream, never letting any barriers stand in his way. The result, an exceptional designer with a “heart and soul”.

Event Photos – Brandon Tan

Aden Yong

Aden Yong Couture House
aden-yongAden Yong began his fashion career in 2005 after graduating from Equator Art Academy. After spending 3 years working in fashion line, he started his own label in 2010. Aden’s vision for his label is to create dresses that are both elegant and luxurious. Skillfully managing the combination of refinement and sensuality with highly perfected details and cutting, he strives to make fashion that is modern and timeless in its elegance. He hope that his brand will continued to grow as a luxury brand while extending Aden’s long term vision of modern luxury and uncompromised quality.

Through the years in fashion career, he had participated and sponsored the following shows and charity event with great reviews and applause from the fashion industry:

  • 2007 – Swarovski Creature Design Fashion Show
  • 2008 – Batique evening with Ning Baizura
  • 2009 – Art of Fashion Charity Fashion Show
  • 2010 – Sponsor for Miss Earth Penang, Sponsor for Miss Auto city
  • 2011 – Gurney hotel Bridal Showcase, G hotel Bridal Showcase
  • 2012 – Fashion Week @ Gurney Plaza, G Hotel Bridal Showcase, Poh Kong Jewellery Show, Fashion Forward Charity Gala Dinner, Penang Club Jewellary and Designer Show, Hair Impression Student Graduation & Competition Hair Show

Event Photos – Aden Yong